Lift Top Farmhouse Style Coffee Tables

The rustic design is embraced by the relaxed finish and planked effect tabletop, while the lift-top function adds sleek, modern utility and flair.
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Lift Top Farmhouse Coffee Tables. Price Range Under $150

From every aspect, the pop-up rustic coffee table appears polished. Lift-top coffee tables with a price range under $150 with storage may be positioned anywhere and can help you stay organized as your life becomes more chaotic. With its historical appearance, the lift-top coffee table for the living room provides your home a traditional appeal and may become a focal point in your living space thanks to its clean lines and geometric design.
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Lift Top Farmhouse Coffee Tables. Price Range $150 - $300

Underneath the lift-top table is a magical area to conceal bits and bobs for keeping the living room clean when visitors come over. There are compartments for board games or heavier goods down below for easy access. The tabletop is supported steadily by quality lifting hardware with reinforced joints that operate smoothly and quietly. These cocktail tables with storage are supported by steel legs and adjustable feet for long-term durability.
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Lift Top Farmhouse Coffee Tables. Price Range Above $300

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Farmhouse Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage

The hidden compartments beneath the tabletop give you a great deal of storage space to hold and classify daily items. The bottom open compartments allow you to easily place or fetch items. The rustic wood gives your area a warm vibe and can be easily incorporated into any decorating style. This lifting table features a large work area and storage space, allowing you to make the most of your available space in your office or living room.
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White / Light Grey Farmhouse Lift Top Coffee Table

The contemporary look is simple in shape and classic in white color, which can be compatible with your room arrangement. Make the most of your white coffee table's built-in drawer by storing your notes, periodicals, and remote controls within easy reach. Decorative baskets, blankets, and other items can be stored on the bottom display shelf.
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Ashley Fregine Lift Top Farmhouse Coffee Table Whitewash and Dark Brown Color

325 (approx. price)
With its characteristic triangular bracket details and robust wood construction, this table confirms that farmhouse is here to stay; what a casual-cool complement to any home.
With a planked, butcher block wood impression, lift top, bottom open shelf, and solid triangular bracket accents, this table is comprised of engineered wood and solid pine wood.
The rustic design is embraced by the comfortable whitewash finish and planked effect tabletop, while the lift-top function adds sleek, modern utility and flair.
Place this cocktail table next to a sofa for a country chic look with lots of personality. 48 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 18 inches tall
Instructions, tools, and hardware are all included.
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Black / Dark Color Farmhouse Lift Top
Coffee Table

Are you looking for a unique farmhouse coffee table? If so, this black / dark color farmhouse lift top coffee table is perfect for you! With its stylish design and functionality, this table is sure to be a great addition to your home. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also very convenient - the lift top feature makes it easy to access the storage space hidden beneath the surface. So if you're in need of a new coffee table, don't miss out on this one!
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How to Choose a Coffee Table?

Choosing the optimal size of the coffee table will help a clear definition of the scenario for its use, adjusted for the area of the bedroom. If this piece of furniture is supposed to be used only as a stand for a lamp and a mobile gadget, and the bedroom or living room is large, then you can opt for a compact side coffee table or even a bedside table.
Regardless of what functions are assigned to the bedside table, it must meet the basic requirements of ergonomics in order to be really convenient to use:
The height is the most important parameter of a side table. If it is high, it will obstruct the view of the room, and from too low a curbstone you can easily knock over a cup of coffee. The ideal option is a bedside cabinet. Firstly, this makes the bedroom symmetrical and balanced, and secondly, it is in this case that the side table will be most convenient to use.
The width is selected depending on the parameters of the sofa or bed. If we are talking about a standard double or single bed, then a bedside table with a width of 50 cm or less is perfect. Next to a huge bed, a small curbstone will look inharmonious, therefore, in these cases, models with a width of 50-100 cm are chosen;
Еhe depth is selected depending on the scenario of use, but it is advisable not to purchase models where this parameter exceeds 50 cm, as they can make it difficult to access the sleeping place. The principle of proportionality with a bed or sofa comes to the first place in the selection of the optimal parameters of the bedside table. If the latter has a massive headboard and looks solid, then the curbstones should not be light and airy.

Tips for caring for your round wood coffee table

  • Room temperature
    You should not allow temperature drops and high humidity in the room where the table is located - these factors are harmful to both wood and glass
  • Do not place the table near hot objects
    Еhe table should stand at a considerable distance from the fireplace, radiator, and other heat sources since the tree can simply dry out. Also, very hot objects should be placed on a special protective substrate to protect the countertop from damage and indelible marks.
  • Burnout and cracks
    Зrotect the table from direct UV rays, which can cause cracking of the varnish and burnout of the table top. In order to avoid chips and cracks, the glass tabletop should not come into contact with heavy and sharp objects.
  • Cleaning
    If a liquid is spilled, wipe the table immediately. When caring for wooden tables, do not use detergents for mirrors and glass, and for glass - detergents with abrasives.
    Rough rags and sponges with metal fibers can damage the worktop. When caring for the table, it is recommended to use a soft cloth moistened with a special emulsion or polish. Then wipe the worktop with a dry soft cloth.

Farmhouse Chandeliers

This dining room chandelier is made of natural wood and is inspired by modern farmhouse elements. It will bring visual appeal to your home and a farmhouse aesthetic feel to your area. Created Farmhouse Chandelier - Every aspect of this dining room chandelier, even the shabby chain, was handcrafted for a long period, making each wood chandelier unique throughout the world! Sculpting, polishing, painting, grinding, and other handicraft operations are only a few examples.
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