How to Choose a Coffee Table for Living Room

A coffee table is always an essential
furniture piece to have in your room.
Not only does it add to the beauty and
décor but it also comes to great use.
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Coffee table at home
Imagine your living room without a coffee table! How does it look? Empty, right? It's a must and one of the essential features of a living room. A coffee table is a glamorous piece of furniture that can enhance functionality and beautifully uplift the entire look of the living room.
In the earlier decades, it was primarily used as an outdoor piece of furniture in the garden or balcony while sipping the morning or evening coffee.
It is a living room entity in modern times and plays multiple roles. From placing your food and beverages near the sofa set to storing the books and magazines, it's a decor piece on one end and completes the room's look. On the other hand, it helps keep remotes, glasses, etc. Use it as a dining table at times for a small gathering. It can witness later the nostalgic memories of togetherness in the family as a best-selected piece lasts long.

Distinct Style and Practical Use of Coffee Tables

Living room coffee tables are often called accent tables because they can accentuate a room's decor. Installing these tables in your home can create a distinct style in your living room interior. You can also use them to display some ornaments or artifacts. Their top surface is smooth and lustrous, making it a perfect place for placing and showcasing your knick-knacks, and some modern coffee tables have numerous shelves, especially for this purpose.

Some homes are short of space to accommodate a center table in front of the sofa set or group of chairs, and placing a coffee table as an end table is a good solution in this case. They are great to put reading lamps on when you need extra light for reading or hobbies, like knitting.

The decor isn't the only thing coffee tables add to your living room. They can also serve as storage or administrative areas. Because coffee tables sit low to the floor, they often have a drawer or two underneath them for storage. Some models, such as a lift-top coffee table and trunk coffee table, provide you with a large box storage space under the table surface to stash the seasonal stuff like cushions and blankets.

Centerpiece for Living Room

Coffee tables often serve as the main centerpiece that you can find in a living room like this is a modern or contemporary coffee table. Let's not forget the comfort center tables can bring to a room. After a hard day, it's comfy to sink into a sofa and prop your feet up on your coffee tabletop. Moreover, using your laptop while sitting in the living room has become more comfortable with this table. Apart from this, playing games or doing crafts has become more manageable now as the kids won't need to sit on the floor or their knees because they can use a chair or stool and get to work.

Buying a Coffee Table

Buying a well-designed coffee table for the living room is pretty easy these days as you get numerous possibilities at various wooden furniture stores. While at the same time, you might get confused in choosing the most appropriate one for your needs. Let's review five fundamental points that you need to consider:
  • 1 Predetermine its functionality
    Think about all the scenarios you will be using your coffee table for. It must be functional and should fulfill all your requirements. If you need huge storage space, tables with shelves are a decent choice. The table should be able to hold drinks and snacks with ease because that's one of the main functions of the coffee table.
  • 2 Work out your budget
    Before heading toward buying a table, estimate your budget and do your search within the same price range. A wise choice is to go for a good-quality wooden coffee table that would last for a long time. It's crucial not to blow the money on a nice-looking piece that might not be sturdy and functional.
  • 3 Design and finish
    Understand how your new table will fit within the room and the other furniture pieces. You can be creative with a new coffee table, but it should complement the aesthetics of the existing interior design.
    For example, if your drawing room is traditionally styled, you can employ a bold, chunky, and intricately designed coffee table there. However, a small glass-top coffee table can work better if you live in a modern-style home.

    Instead of the old patterns and techniques of placing coffee tables, you can be a little creative, like instead of one big coffee table, use three small ones. Style your table with candle lights and books to give a cozy look. You can also use the concept of grouping two objects like small plants and decor items.

  • 4 Material of the coffee table
    While you shop for such a table, you'll discover the infinite choices listed when it comes to material.
    It always depends on the decor of your room what kind of material you can try. Brass and steel give a classy look to the entire setting. If you prefer a casual look, oak and maple are excellent choices. Other materials you can use are acrylic, stone upholstered, and faux leather.
    Some common material choices are wood, but people are now trying their hands on acrylic and glass, making a small area look larger. Apart from this, buyers can also explore tables made of metal, darker wood, mirror, and marble-top that make a room look ultra-modern.

Pick the right shape and size of the coffee table

The most important factor in buying a center table is to choose the right shape and size for it. Firstly, check the space that your tea table will be occupying in the room, and then decide upon the table's shape that would be suitable for your needs.

The table should be no lower than 1 to 2 inches from the sofa seat that you have. Usually, the height of the table is 16 to 18 inches which pair well with most couches. But if the sofa is higher than usual, you should go for a higher table.

Rectangle coffee tables deliver a traditional look, while the round table gives a feeling of intimacy. Square tables require more space, so they perfectly fit larger living rooms. Oval shape tables have a slight sense of occasion.

As a rule of thumb:
1. The round or oval coffee table is best for homes that have kids as it does not have sharp angles to bump into.
2. The square-shaped coffee table is suitable for a more spacious room to create a proportional look.
3. A rectangular center table is best for pairing with a 3+2 seater sofa set.
nesting round coffee table
Homary Modern Coffee tables

Where to buy a coffee table

How you go about shopping is up to you. If you are among those who prefer to shop locally, then you will find candidates for your coffee table at most shops that carry furniture. However, the Internet is the best place to start for those who want the best selection. You will find tables of all shapes, sizes, and styles. You will also find the Internet is the most practical and convenient way to ensure that you get the best deal for your table. A simple search on white coffee tables will yield dozens of results.

Always purchase the coffee table from a reputed furniture store that has already gained enough good customer reviews in the past and guarantees to provide you with a top-quality unit.

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