4 Advises Which
Coffee Tables You
Should Not Buy

Which coffee tables will ruin the look

and will never come back into fashion?

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Don't Take Coffee Tables With Two Shades of Wood

Rule number 1
You can often see, for example, light countertops mixed with a dark bottom or shelves of light and dark colors.
No, it doesn't work any longer. These coffee tables are considered not stylish anymore. The most beautiful tables are still tables - made of one material. Although some glass, metal, or plastic can be added to the base.

Choose combinations of base material with wood. If you do not like a coffee table made entirely of a single material, you can combine wood and metal, wood and glass, or metal and glass.

Don't Take Coffee Tables With Complex Designs

Rule number 2
Try to avoid complex designs: complex shelves, asymmetry, and coasters. An exception is a transforming coffee table, which turns from a coffee table into a dining table. It is an excellent choice, especially for those - who have a small living room. It should be pretty simple if we talk about an ordinary coffee table. Always remember: the simpler the form, the longer it is trending.

There are naturally classic curved legs if we talk about some traditional forms. If we are talking about a rustic style, there may be some rough forms: crossing, rough metal, etc.
By the way, speaking of two wood shades, there are styles perfectly matching several wood shades. These are loft-style and farmhouse coffee table styles.

How can you combine wood? Combine wood + bleached or painted wood. This combination fits very well in both the loft and the farmhouse interior.

Which Forms of Coffee Tables Should NOT Be Considered?

Rule number 3
Let's now go back to forms. What should not be taken? Some thick chrome legs don't look great for coffee tables. Do not consider curved legs - this is also all the semblance of a classic.

Let's leave the classics in the classics - and we won't bend anything made of chrome. If you still need chrome parts on coffee tables - let it be simple. For example, there is a round chrome leg or frame.

Don't Take Coffee Tables With Drawings and Patterns

Rule number 4
All kinds of beautiful drawings on the coffee tables, cabinets, and dining tables are NO. Skip the coffee tables with a picture - leave them for a kindergarten.

If you want beauty, consider a wood pattern. Or, if you are looking for something more appealing, look at marbled or granite stone countertops. They feature a gorgeous design. As an option: you can take tables and tile them.
However, don't buy coffee tables with drawings, flowers, petals. It's all a little tasteless and childish.

How do you combine and mix interior styles?

Let's review the 5 top essential rules.
  • Rule #1
    You can mix all styles (except the ethnic). You cannot mix Chinese and Moroccan or African and Russian. Let's take a classical group as an example - you can safely use any object and no one will notice anything strange. Everyone will think that this is just a classic style.
  • Rule #2
    You can mix modern styles with classic, rustic, technical, and industrial. Based on minimalism, we can add any other group to our interior..
  • Rule #3
    We can also add any group to our interior based on the classical style. For example, when we mix classics and ethnics, we often get a colonial style. That is the classic style with elements of a particular country.
  • Rule #4
    Separate renovations and furniture. If the renovation is modern and you want to add a touch of Japanese style, the furniture should already be in Japanese style. Otherwise, it will not differ. If you arrange everything in minimalism and add one Japanese-style pillow, it won't match.
  • Rule #5
    Rustic style blends with modern, classic, and industrial. Industrial also mixes with classics, and rustic, but not with ethnic.

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