Which bedside
drawers are out
of fashion?

A few tips from an interior designer

on which bedside tables you should

not buy.

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  • Two shades of wood
    You shouldn't have two shades of wood on the same piece of furniture. However, you can have two shades of wood throughout the entire interior - one on the floor and one somewhere in the furniture.
  • Wood and color
    If you want some complex cabinets, drawings, and combinations, look closer at the bedside drawers that combine wood and color: wood with white and wood with gray.
  • Film coating
    Thin vinyl film coating on drawers looks terrible: supposedly a golden classic, but it shows up very cheap.
  • Shapes milling
    Milling various shapes and contours on the front panels of the nightstand.
  • Сhrome tubes
    There are no chrome bedside drawers to count - complex designs with incomprehensible zigzag curves.
  • Ordinary bedside
    It is better to give preference to ordinary bedside tables. If you want classics, take a classic frame facade.
  • Leather bedside tables
    Leather bedside tables are also not stylish, although a more strict design looks good.
  • Bedside tables as an accent
    Bedside tables are best taken as an accent or a complete set with a wardrobe..
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