20 Rectangular Farmhouse Style Wood Coffee Tables

Discover the best 20 rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee tables for your living room. From rustic to modern designs, find the perfect table that fits your style and budget.

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Farmhouse Wooden Coffee Tables.
Price range under $150

Tables to accompany your relaxation time, a coffee table to accompany your cup of coffee, or an end table to fill an empty space. Combine Farmhouse with Industrial Styles: To find furniture that is both comfy and stylish. It'll be an appealing piece that speaks for itself, with classic colors rustic oak and gray wash. Exquisite craftsmanship and a long-lasting smooth surface for long-term use.
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Farmhouse Wood Coffee Table with X-Shaped Metal Frame Support, Wood Look Accent Cocktail Table with Storage Shelf

115 (approx. price)
This rustic coffee table is built of grain wood board and aluminum and features a 1.4-inch thick surface and legs for durability and stability. Metal edging on all four corners and X-shaped metal sheets on both sides. The two-tiered design allows you to store more stuff.

This coffee table will perfectly complement your existing furniture in your living room, foyer, lounge, bedroom, and more! It may be used as a coffee bar, a tea table, or a workspace.
All necessary equipment and supplies, as well as instructions, are supplied. The farm table may be set up in a few minutes if you follow the instructions carefully and slowly. With a moist cloth, you may easily remove the filthy spot off the surface.
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Farmhouse Wooden Coffee Tables.
Price range $150 - $300

These two-tone rustic design coffee tables complete the comfortable home vibe. This piece is great for entertaining as well as everyday use. The distressed solid wood table top will surprise you with its endurance whether you use it as a cocktail table or a place to serve after-school snacks. These wood accent tables' stability and character are further enhanced by the solid wood legs with a trestle-like feature. As a finishing touch, these rectangle coffee tables include a lower storage shelf constructed of high-grade MDF.
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Farmhouse Wooden Coffee Tables. Price range above $300

There's plenty of rustic charm to go around with this table; With an ancient vibe and a large top, match with sconces or a tray for more flair and style. Place this cocktail table next to a sofa for a country chic look with lots of personalities.
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Farmhouse Rectangular Rustic Solid Wood Coffee Tables for Living Room, Glass Top

A translucent glass top gives your living area additional light, elegance, and aesthetic delight. Toy baskets, blankets, computers, books, chess, remote controls, game controllers, and other items may be stored on the tabletop and bottom shelf, which are larger than on conventional coffee tables.

Preassembled 2 top boards, 2 sideboards, 2 glass, hardware packs, and a manual are included in the packages. Within 30 minutes, you can complete the installation of the farmhouse coffee table.

The factory sells the farmhouse coffee table set directly to assure high quality and a competitive price. If you are not pleased with the farmhouse wood coffee table after a year, you can return it at any time.

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Big choice of rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee tables on Amazon

Where can I find a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table?

Yes, Amazon does have a wide variety of rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee tables. They offer a large selection of coffee tables from different manufacturers and in different styles and price ranges. You can find coffee tables made from different types of wood such as pine, oak, acacia, mango, etc. and different finishes like natural, white, gray, and more. You can also find different sizes and designs, from rustic to modern, depending on your preference. You can narrow down your search using filters such as price, brand, customer rating, and material.

What are some tips for styling a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table?

Remember that styling a coffee table is an ongoing process, and you can change it depending on the season or occasion. Experiment with different combinations of items to see what works best for you and your space.
  • Use a tray:
    A tray can help to organize items on the coffee table and make it look more put together. Use a tray to group items such as books, candles, and other decor items together.

  • Add a centerpiece:
    A centerpiece can add visual interest to your coffee table. Consider using a vase of flowers, a sculpture, or a bowl of fruit as a focal point.
  • Incorporate different textures:
    To add depth and interest to your coffee table, incorporate different textures. Use items such as a knit throw blanket, a woven basket, or a natural woven placemat.
  • Use books:
    Stack books on your coffee table to add height and interest. Choose books with interesting covers and colors to add visual appeal.
  • Add lighting:
    A table lamp or candle can add warmth and ambiance to your coffee table. Be sure to choose lighting that complements the overall style of your living room.

  • Add some greenery:
    Adding some greenery, such as a small plant, can give a natural touch to your coffee table.
  • Keep it minimal:
    Avoid overcrowding your coffee table with too many items. Instead, choose a few key pieces that complement each other and keep the overall look clean and minimal.
  • Personalize it:
    Use items that reflect your personal style and interest to make it unique and personalized.

Can I use a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table in a modern living room?

Yes, a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table can be used in a modern living room. It can add a touch of warmth and character to a modern space. The key to making this work is to balance the rustic elements of the farmhouse-style coffee table with modern decor and design elements in the living room.

One way to do this is to pair the coffee table with modern furniture such as a sleek sofa or armchair in neutral colors. You can also add modern decor elements such as abstract art or geometric-patterned throw pillows to complement the farmhouse-style coffee table.

Another way to incorporate a farmhouse-style coffee table in a modern living room is to choose one with clean lines and a minimalist design. This will help it blend seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of the living room.

Additionally, you can play with the color scheme of the room, a farmhouse-style coffee table made of light-colored wood can blend well with a modern living room with white walls and minimal decor.

In summary, a farmhouse-style coffee table can be a great addition to a modern living room, you just need to find the right balance between the rustic and modern elements, and create a cohesive look.

What is the average cost of a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table?

The average cost of a rectangular farmhouse-style wood coffee table can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of wood used, the size, and the design. Generally, prices can range anywhere from $100 to $1000 or more.

A basic, smaller-sized coffee table made from lower-quality wood can cost around $100 to $200. Mid-range options, such as those made from solid wood or a mix of solid and engineered wood, can cost between $300 and $500. High-end options, such as those made from premium woods like reclaimed wood, or with unique designs and additional features, can cost $500 or more.

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