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Furniture Arrangement

Firstly, you should always start with the arrangement of furniture. You need to start from the sofa - if you have a bed - that's another story. Once the couch is set, begin adding the rest of the furniture. Keep in mind the location of the electric sockets. The sofa should be located in front of the TV.
Other essential things to consider

TV location for Living Room

Make sure that the windows do not reflect on the TV screen. The TV should stand sideways to the window. If you can't arrange it so that the TV does not stand in front of the window, use blackout curtains.

Place your TV stand in front of the couch. We can add a couple of chairs to the sides, but replace the chairs with small ottomans if there is no space. Be sure to add a coffee table if there is space. Again, if there is enough free space, set up cabinets on the sides of the sofa. You can put table lamps on them.

Carpets & Reading Areas

It is better to choose a carpet as large as possible - so that the sofa stands on it, at least with the front legs. In this case, the rug should be slightly wider than the sofa.

The living room may have a separate reading area — for example, an armchair with a floor lamp and a small table for books.
Other essential things to consider

Let's Turn Our Attention to Style.

Pay your attention to the works of famous designers. Look at some budget interior design projects from magazines.
It is important not to overdo it if you have two or three pictures at your disposal. Ideally, it is better to understand the interior styles, of course. You can do it on a budget, but the main thing is to find a good sample, reference, or a selection of photos.
Even one picture of a cool interior is enough to repeat it. Try not to have ultra designer things in that design that you definitely cannot find in the economy segment. Do not make a selection for your inspiration with such interior items.

It is clear that budget renovations are challenging to organize, but you should be pragmatic in assessing your capabilities.

So, to summarize, here are the main steps to creating your budget living room design:
• Start with the arrangement of furniture,
• Prepare a selection of finished interiors,
• Analyze your choice,
• Begin to search for items on sales.

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How to Save Money When Planning the Interior of Your Living Room?

The modern building materials market offers a huge selection of finishes for every taste and budget. Finding such a variety of inexpensive and style-appropriate options for a living room at a reasonable price is not so difficult. So, here are a few simple rules that will help save on the purchase of materials:

Unnecessary purchases are often made out of boredom or during long wanderings around the store. In a rush not to buy too much, think in advance about what kind of materials you need. Decide on the color and texture before going to the store, and make a list, this will insure against impulsive spending.

Compare prices in different stores. Often the same product has a different cost in large hypermarkets and small building materials stores.

Feel free to look at inexpensive analogs of expensive materials. Parquet is easily replaced with linoleum or laminate with a suitable texture and pattern. This coating looks no worse than the original.

Even with a small budget, you can equip a beautiful and stylish living room. You can make a room cozy and at the same time functional without big expenses. The originality of the design depends not so much on the high cost of materials, but on your taste and imagination. The budget interior of the living room is not a synonym for bad taste and simplicity. With a sensible approach to the choice of materials, you can create a stylish and beautiful interior that is not inferior to more expensive options.

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