The Essential Guide to Popular Coffee Table Materials You Can Buy Online

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What materials are used for Coffee Tables?

Typically, coffee tables are made of metal, glass, wood, or even acrylic. But each one of them is ideal for a specific living room setting. If your living room looks modern or contemporary, you can go for glass or acrylic material. Wooden materials such as mahogany or walnut would suit a living room that has a traditional touch. Similarly, leather or faux leather is ideal for house owners that don't want a coffee table that is easy to clean and maintain.

Decor aside, the material also depends on the safety of the users. If you have children at home, you want to be careful about a glass top as it would be too fragile for use while children are around.

Coffee tables are usually placed in the center of the room; thus, one of the most outstanding pieces of furniture, and people sit around it to have talks and gossip. When buying a coffee tabletop, you need to consider the look of your room and the theme where it will be and then make the final decision for the table to match the theme of your room. A variety of materials can be used for making coffee tables. How to Choose a Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Tables

A versatile construction material, wood is commonly used to make most furniture items like beds, tables, chairs, etc. Working with wood is simple and easy because it can be molded into different shapes and sizes. When you are into a vintage look, go for wooden tables.
You can choose a darker ebony finish for a modern ambiance or mahogany or lighter shades for a cozy look.
Made of wood coffee tables are popular among homeowners worldwide because of their classic beauty and longevity. They are versatile and timeless. They can come in different styles - from modern to vintage. Choose coffee tables made from reclaimed wood when looking for environment-friendly materials for your home.

Metal Coffee Tables

These tables are all the rage these days. Metal tables are lightweight and sturdy like wood. The legs of a table are thinner than the top and are made into diverse, weird shapes for style. We know metal is essential, so the table provides better support. On the other hand, metal finishes or accents can give the room an ultra-modern, urban look.

Apart from that, metal is also resistant to water damage.
For people that want a coffee table in a modern design, metal is quite a popular material. Most metal tables feature stylish tops and sleek bases. You can find coffee tables online in elegant designs with a marble top. The innovative design is preferred by modern homeowners who love sleek and stylish furniture for their living rooms.

Acrylic and Lucite Coffee Tables

A coffee table made of Lucite, also known as an acrylic coffee table, is highly in demand and fashion. The material that makes acrylic is called poly or methyl methacrylate. This material is often abbreviated as PMMA. Lucite furniture items will be transparent as glass and will have no solid corners apart from the sheet's border. The material's flexibility makes it ideal for creating furniture of any shape or design. Although most of the items made of Lucite are clear, it is possible to paint, tint, or otherwise color acrylic as well.

Most buyers prefer to buy an acrylic coffee table as it is durable and difficult to damage. Lucite material can be combined with others to create particular effects.
The procedure of making a Lucite coffee table might include carving, casting, or other designing techniques. There is an option of applying using a thin film or painted on. Acrylic can also be imprinted.
The acrylic coffee tables are perfectly visually appealing and give the illusion of a glass table. Usually, the acrylic tables are transparently made up of acrylic material.
These acrylic tables are available in various designs and colors. Moreover, they are sturdy and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. These tables come in different shapes like round, rectangular, and square.

Glass Coffee Tables

These days, Coffee Tables made of glass are getting more and more popular worldwide because they have a classy touch.
You can find a table entirely made of glass, but it can be dangerous if the glass is not tempered.

A glass coffee table is one of the most vital pieces of furniture that have the power to create a fascinating effect on the interior decor of your home. In the earlier days, such tables were found in wealthy homes. Today you can purchase these tables online on the sites offering a wide variety of coffee tables.

Glass coffee tables accentuate the appearance of any living room. They are functional and both beautiful and valuable. These tables are available in various materials that can complement any decor.

Different finishes:

Glass coffee table is available in various materials, including wood, brass, chrome, and steel. You can buy some of the most elegant wooden base tables at attractive price rates from many online stores. Different kinds of decorative wood are also available today. The use of oak wood, cherry wood, and stained wood is also quite popular these days.
Metallic legged tables appear sophisticated and chic. It can be placed in the center of the living room to attract visitors' attention. Chromed-legged tables add a touch of beauty without being too overpowering.

Various shapes of coffee tables:

The glass coffee table can be found in a range of attractive shapes and designs. Rectangular, square, circular, and elliptical are some of the most favorite forms of these lovely tables. Most people choose these tables according to the decor and space available in their living room.

Contemporary designs and styles:

Today, there is hardly any shortage of suitable techniques and looks that perfectly blend with the other furniture in the living room. You can buy tables with brass finishes to add a classic touch to your living room. Wooden-legged tables also create a warm and rustic appearance in your beautiful living room.
Go for a stylish metallic framed glass coffee table to give your living room an elegant and chic appearance. Today there are several designer tables to add panache to your home. You can also buy these tables from online stores though the prices can differ according to the table's materials and designs.

Different types of glass and decorating your glass coffee table:

Various kinds of glass are used for making elegant coffee tables today. The most popular styles are frosted, etched, tinted, and clear glasses.

Though the glass coffee table is beautifully customized, its appearance can be further improved in different ways. Decorating with beautifully knitted rugs under the side table is one of the most noticeable ways of outlining your stylish furniture.
Another method of elaborating the beauty of these tables is placing flower vases and scented candles on the table. You can also place lovely coasters on the tables.

Wicker or Rattan Coffee Tables

Wicker is the most commonly used natural material used for making terrace furniture. These are excellent outdoor coffee tables. However, they can also be suitable in the living rooms if the rest of your furniture has similar materials, like a wicker couch and chairs around it. These rattan tables are rustic in their style, with a very distinct earthy appearance. Wicker or rattan is a lightweight and cost-effective material that can suit those who want stylish furniture within a budget.

Stone and Marble Coffee Tables

Stone or marble tables have become more prevalent in recent years as homeowners prefer unconventional materials and designs for their furniture. Coffee tables can be made of solid stone or a metal base with a marble top. They are very durable and heavy, featuring an exotic appearance because of the colorful marbles.

As coffee tables are not meant for use as desks or work tables, they can take remarkable forms and shapes. The designers of such furniture show incredible talent in making thought-provoking and aesthetically attractive designs for coffee stands that lend a character to the family room or living room. The coffee desk takes center stage, particularly a unique design. Contemporary table designs range from simple to complicated to completely extraordinary.
Marble Top Coffee Tables

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