Coffee Table: How to Choose Perfect Shape and Size for your Home

A coffee table is an indispensable
element of any living room. It should
be functional and aesthetic to
complement the entire arrangement
of this room.

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Modern Design for Coffee Tables

It is an item of furniture present in all homes. It is an essential part of any seating arrangement, both commercial or residential. Whether you are waiting for that meeting with a client or visiting a friend's home, a coffee table is somewhere in sight.
Since coffee tables are not meant for intense use like a work table or desk, they can take elegant forms and shapes. Designers show extraordinary talent in creating thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing designs for coffee tables that lend a character to the living room or family room. The coffee table takes center stage in a home, especially a unique design. Modern coffee table designs range from simple to intricate to completely extraordinary.

The whole decorative balance of your living room rests on your coffee table. A coffee table is an ideal centerpiece and can deliver comfort and convenience. It acts as an object of beauty and elevates the style of your home and other furniture pieces such as sofa sets, chairs, stools, and bean bags. You must choose this piece of furniture size and shape with considerable care.

Choosing the size of a coffee table

Too small, your existing furniture will dwarf it, and too large, it will look mismatched. The properly-sized coffee table pulls your room together.
Coffee tables are not one-size-fits-all; therefore, choosing them depends on the living room size and furniture setup.

Consider these basic rules of thumb:
1. Pick a table that's approximately the same height as your sofa cushions or slightly shorter.
2. It should measure no more than two-thirds of the sofa's total length.
3. Keep at least two feet of clearance around each table side.
After spending a little time with the measuring tape, you will have a range of sizes that will work; but don't ignore your designing impulses beyond the formula approach.

Simple rule for calculating the perfect height of a coffee table.

If you are tall or plan to be more standing than sitting around your coffee table, you might want to tack on a few inches. On the other hand, consider lower settings if you are interested in creating a down-to-earth feel. Some lower coffee tables enable you to sit on the floor in front of them, which gives an international vibe to your living room.
Begin with the rules of thumb in mind but remember that form and function are fast friends when creating an ideal living area.
Remember that simple rule for calculating the perfect height of a coffee table. If you are unsure if the low model will meet your expectations, you can also try the adjustable height option. However, classic low coffee tables for the living room are also suitable for many homes. They provide excellent comfort and allow you to watch TV comfortably, but they may not be suitable for everyone due to their height.

Choosing the shape of a coffee table

The shape is about more than just the coffee table's surface. Consider what's underfoot, particularly in terms of concentration, comfort, and convenience. If you plan to spend periods seated near your coffee table, you may need a support system that will get along with the preferred placement of your feet.

Great coffee tables are all an ideal blend of design and functionality. You should choose the one that goes well with your living room design and daily routine. How to Choose a Coffee Table

  • Round coffee table for living room
    Whether you choose a round or rectangular coffee table should first of all match your interior. However, the shape of the countertop can also be of practical importance. So what makes the round table different? First of all, it is often recommended to place it between two chairs because of its shape. However, a properly selected model will be good in other configurations.
    The round table has many visual advantages - they are great for interiors based on lightness and oval shapes. They also benefit from taking up less space and are also practical - a circle-shaped tabletop ensures the same distance for each person sitting at the table.

    On the other hand, Oval coffee tables make it easy to add extra space. Of course, remember that this is only one of the many features of the table - you must consider other points when making a living room layout. Round tables will look not only as of the centerpiece of the room. Smaller tables should be regarded as additional options, placed next to the lounge furniture, where you can quickly put away the items you use.
  • Rectangular coffee tables for living room
    The rectangular coffee table is a classic at its best. Most often, such furniture becomes the foremost choice for many living rooms. What are the benefits? The versatile shape of this table also makes it ideal for many different environments, from the more traditional and classic to the bold and extravagant. It is also a great answer to the question: What is the coffee table top suitable for a corner sofa.

    It is also better to choose the rectangular table if you have a large seating area in your living room. That will provide convenient access to the table for each person using the corner sofa or chair. Minimalism also reigns among the trends. Therefore, you can find pretty simple rectangular top models in many living rooms. Such tables are an excellent choice for people who like to follow modern trends and are not afraid of expressive minimalism.

Round or rectangular coffee table?

Usually, the choice between round and rectangular coffee tables is primarily determined by your taste.
However, there are situations when the traditional rectangular shape wins. Choose it when your seating area is quite large and consists mainly of sofas or a corner couch. However, people looking for unique solutions for their interiors may opt for a less ordinary solution.
Instead of choosing between a round or rectangular coffee table, try to look for a designer coffee table. Several pieces of furniture of different heights are sure to diversify the space and give you completely new possibilities. Sets of this type usually consist of several tables with rounded tops.

Square coffee tables for living room

While most of us think of coffee tables as being rectangular, you may find that for something just a little different, a square coffee table will do the trick. There are a variety of sizes and styles available if this shape intrigues you. If you've never considered moving away from the rectangle, now would be a perfect time. With a bit of thought and planning, you can find the perfect square coffee table to fit with your existing furniture while giving it an entirely new feel.
Color selection or material will not be a problem since square coffee tables are everything from glass to high-end hardwood to economically priced wooden laminate. You will find them in the full range of natural wood colors and less traditional colors such as black and other colors.
If your tastes run to something other than wood, you'll find many options in glass and metal as well. You may even find a square coffee table in artificial materials such as resin or high-impact plastic. These are suitable for the outdoors and part of your indoor decor.
Homary Square Coffee Tables

A square table can be exceptionally functional in a small space.

You can try a square table with built-in storage to add even more practicality. There are many of these available on the market these days. If you are trying to fill a spacious room, a square table will offer good coverage so that all your guests will have a place to set their drink or snack.
A little measuring will go a long way to find just the right size table. Ensure the guests have enough room to pass in front of your square coffee table. You also want to consider the style of the furniture you are mixing it with. Of course, you want it to blend naturally. Contrasting materials or colors can work well if done correctly. It is acceptable to incorporate a more contemporary piece with something more traditional as long as your living room furniture runs on the eclectic side.

Lift top coffee tables for living room

The lift-top table's main distinguishing feature is a structure responsible for changing the height of the countertop. Most tables have several fixed levels, allowing you to choose the optimal position you wish.
● The compact dimensions leave more space in the living room.
● Transforming design takes on the functions of dining, working, and coffee table.
● Such tables are often distinguished by an unusual design.
● The transformation is quick and easy.
● It is possible to lift a separate part of the surface.
However, lift-top coffee tables are easy to break due to the complexity of the design, and the additional parts increase the weight.
Homary Lift Top Coffee Tables

Choosing the countertop's shape is determined by the room space, interior design, and combination with other furniture.

A rectangular lift-top table provides a larger helpful surface. It is better to look for a square table for small living rooms. The product looks compact and is usually equipped with a folding tabletop.
Smooth lines are inherent in the round and oval tables. They can visually expand the boundaries and look more comfortable and safe.

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