5 Ways to Perfectly Match Bedside Tables for Your Bedroom

How to match bedside tables,

drawers & nightstands for your

bedroom. 5 rules in interior design

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Bedroom Design Starts
With The Bed

Find a bed you like, the one you will fall in love with, then proceed to design the entire setting around it. You can search Pinterest for interior ideas you want. Keep looking for ideas somewhere in the interior design magazines, pictures of your friends' interiors, or with the help of a professional designer. You must have an idea. For example, you can decorate the bedside walls with wallpapers or mirrors.

The main rule that has been popular in recent years, which all designers support: do not choose a bed and nightstands from the same collection. It's already an obsolete approach. The bed, as a rule, should be the accent center point by itself. It is often textile, and our bedside tables would be wooden.
Therefore, refuse if you are offered textile bedside tables from the same collection. Because now the trend is bedside tables that are different from the bed.
How do we choose these unique nightstands?

Choose bedside tables to match the chest of drawers or the closet

Option one
Choose bedside tables to match the chest of drawers or the closet - if you have a chest of drawers or a cabinet in the bedroom. The bed remains the accented central unit - and our bedside tables match with a chest of drawers or a wardrobe from the same set. In general, this method creates a fairly solid bedroom interior picture. Bedside tables can be the same color as the bed. But because they are made of a different material, it already looks fresh. You should not select the bedside tables from the set with the bed. Even if it's made of wood, it still doesn't look perfect.

If you have no other options, and nothing comes to your mind, leave fashionable bedside tables, especially if the bed is wooden and you want a classic set. But, once again, this is a bit outdated.

Choose bedside tables to match the door color

Option two
Suppose you don't have a chest of drawers or a closet in your room. The room is small - there is only a bed and cabinets, how can we match these cabinets? You can safely select the ones matching the door color. For example, you have a standard, basic bedroom interior: gray walls, a white door, a gray textile bed - what bedside tables should I go for it? You can safely take white, matching the door. It will look like a set - the door will look like a piece of furniture. The bedroom interior will look complete and well set up.

Choose bedside tables to match the floor color

Option three
If you have sophisticated wooden doors, nightstands matching the floor will work. For example, you don't want white nightstands, and you want something made of wood - look at your floor and find the ones that match the floor. It will look superb. An excellent option, designers, also love this technique. Feel free to use this rule. Your bedroom interior will look lovely, stylish, and complete.

Choose bedside tables to match the wall color

Option four
Choose the color of the bedside tables to match the walls. If you have a costly bed, and it seems that choosing white wouldn't fit the floor, and nothing goes well with the set - you can go for bedside tables to match the walls.
For example, if you have a blue wall, you can safely choose bedside tables matching this wall. The colors of the walls and cabinets will blend, and the bed will stay in the foreground.
As a rule, the emphasis is often made on the bed. A bright headboard is made to draw attention to the bed, and you can visually hide the bedside tables.
Moreover, this option is perfect if you can repaint the nightstands in the color you want. It is enough to choose the right paint, and in this way, you will create beauty for yourself.
I highly recommend making bedside tables for matching the walls for those who need just such a solution.

Choose bedside tables are made of metal and glass

Option fifth
Choose accented cabinets: most often, these cabinets are made of metal and glass. Pay attention to the metal - it should be of the same shade present in the interior. If you have brass, beautiful bedside tables in your bedroom or bedside tables, you should have brass in the interior: either in lamps, on door handles, or other small furniture parts.

If you have bronze everywhere in your materials, don't use brass. Use the cabinets of the same material to sustain the harmony of the bedroom interior.

How do you combine and mix interior styles?

Let's review the 5 top essential rules.
  • Rule #1
    You can mix all styles (except the ethnic). You cannot mix Chinese and Moroccan or African and Russian. Let's take a classical group as an example - you can safely use any object and no one will notice anything strange. Everyone will think that this is just a classic style.
  • Rule #2
    You can mix modern styles with classic, rustic, technical, and industrial. Based on minimalism, we can add any other group to our interior..
  • Rule #3
    We can also add any group to our interior based on the classical style. For example, when we mix classics and ethnics, we often get a colonial style. That is the classic style with elements of a particular country.
  • Rule #4
    Separate renovations and furniture. If the renovation is modern and you want to add a touch of Japanese style, the furniture should already be in Japanese style. Otherwise, it will not differ. If you arrange everything in minimalism and add one Japanese-style pillow, it won't match.
  • Rule #5
    Rustic style blends with modern, classic, and industrial. Industrial also mixes with classics, and rustic, but not with ethnic.

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