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Home Decorator, Blogger
  • Olivia Taylor's passion for interior design began at a young age, and she pursued her dream by earning a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the renowned New York School of Interior Design. During her time at NYSID, Olivia learned the fundamental principles of design, including color theory, space planning, and furniture selection. She also honed her skills in business management and marketing, which have been crucial to her success as a self-employed interior designer.

    After completing her degree, Olivia secured an apprenticeship at a prestigious design firm in New York City, where she gained invaluable experience in project management, client communication, and budgeting. She worked on a variety of high-end residential and commercial projects, from luxurious penthouses to elegant corporate offices, developing a reputation for her attention to detail and her ability to create beautiful and functional spaces.
  • With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Olivia has established herself as a seasoned interior designer who is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for her clients. She has worked with numerous clients, from homeowners to business owners, to create spaces that reflect their individual styles and needs. Olivia's design philosophy is centered around the belief that a well-designed space can enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of its occupants, and she strives to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

    In addition to her design work, Olivia is also a passionate writer who regularly contributes articles to interior design blogs. Her articles cover a range of topics, from design trends to practical tips for creating a cohesive look in any space. Olivia's writing is engaging and informative, and she uses her expertise to help others in the field improve their skills and knowledge.
  • When she is not working, Olivia enjoys traveling and finding inspiration in the architecture and design of different cultures around the world. She believes that exposure to different design styles and traditions can help her create unique and innovative designs for her clients. Olivia is also committed to ongoing professional development and regularly attends workshops and conferences in design and writing to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques in her field.

    Olivia currently resides in San Francisco, California, where she runs her own successful interior design business. She is passionate about helping her clients create spaces that reflect their personal styles and enhance their quality of life.
Publications By Olivia Taylor
By Olivia Taylor

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